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به شبکه ایرانیان خوش امدید - با هم و برای هم برای فردای بهتر- پاینده ایران و ایرانی‌

پاینده کشور پادشاهی مشروطه ایران
در این خاک زر خیز ایران زمین, نبودند جز مردمی پاک دین, همه دینشان مردی و داد بود, وزآن کشور آزاد و آباد بود
سال ۱۳۹۷ شمسی برابر با ۱۴۰۹۷ اهورایی برابر با ۷۰۴۰ میترایی برابر با ۳۷۵۶ زرتشتی برابر با ۲۵۷۷ هخامنشی بر شما خجسته باد
مقاله برگزیده این هفته

زندان اوین اولین دیدار پس از پنجشنبه سیاه "Black Thursday" - Evin prison, Tehran-Iran

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Published by Admin in Human Rights Iran


First visitation day after the "Black Thursday" - Evin prison, Tehran-IranTestimonies from the families of political prisoners on the first day of visitation following Thursday's violent raid on Ward 350 of Evin prison in Tehran by plainclothes security agents and prison guards:***"They had chained his hands and feet and blindfolded him and at the same time beaten him with baton"(sister of Mohamad Shojayi - a critic clergy)***"My son is on hunger strike and his back was bruised. The security officials have asked the families not to give interviews"(mother of Davar Hossein - student activist)***"He had a broken neck. He had a neck brace on. His head was broken too and they hadn't even stitched him. He himself said that he couldn't hear with his right ear. He couldn't speak properly at all. When his mother saw the scene she fainted. She was shocked. We couldn't stay there either so we came out"(Father of Akbar Amini - Green Movement activist)***"Emad during the raid inside the ward was on the upper floor. When he heard the guys screaming from downstairs, he protested and 10 plainclothes agents attacked him and he stood straight staring the security agents in their eyes. He kept falling down and getting back up ... he didn't defend himself even for a moment. God himself saved him."(Wife of Emad Bahavar - Member of the Freedom Movement)***"They had beaten him so much that he couldn't stand on his feet. He is on hunger strike too and didn't have the force to speak"(Mother of Yashar Darolshafa - leftist activist)***"I saw Mr. Arab. He couldn't wear his clothes because he had bandage on his arm. He was also bruised around his chest and arms. I saw the bruises because he hadn't his clothes on properly. He said that probably his sholder was broken and they had put bandage on it.(Wife of Siamak Ghaderi - Journalist)***"Today during the visit, the eyes of all those who were waiting to see their loved ones and their brothers were full of fear. The room was full with the sound of screams and slogans. An ambulance had come to take Akbar Amini's mother to the hospital as she had fainted several times when she had seen her son. Security and police force had stationed in front of the door. Most prisoners had shaved their heads in solidarity with their brothers. When curtains were raised all the families broke into tears.(Wife of Hassan Zeidabadi - Human rights activist)***"They send a bunch of plainclothes agents in the room and told them to beat up our children. When I saw my son, he told me that their lives were in danger. I pray all human beings, all organizations and anyone who can to help us. Our children's lives are in danger. Before anything happens again some has to be done. We ask parliament members, Mr. Motahari to take immediate action"(Father of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki - Blogger)***"All the things we had read in the websites were confirmed. They had beaten them up with their hands tied up. Their bodies were bruised and there were a series of fractures. They don't behave like this even with a war prisoner."(Wife of Soheil Babadi - accusation: insulting Shia Imams)***"Bitterness, bitterness, bitterness ... There are still no news from the main injured prisoners who are in solitary confinement, the details of the violence on our loved ones were much worse than those written on the websites ... the continuous sound of crying and weeping, seeing the broken head and neck of Akbar Amini, the ripped veins of Omid Behroozi, fainting of mourning mothers ... the ambulance at the door ... smell of blood ... everywhere smelt of blood"(Daughter of Masoud Pedram - Melli Mazhabi activist) Kholosiفیلمی از اولین ملاقات خانواده‌ها با زندانیان بند ۳۵۰ اوین پس از "پنج شنبه سياه"در این فیلم کوتاه، مادر یکی از زندانیان سیاسی ئر سالن ملاقات زندان اوین فریاد می‌زند پسرم را زخمی کردند و بعدشعار «زندانی ی سیاسی آزاد باید گردد» سر مس دهد. ویدیو از فیسبوک واحد خلوصی

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