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به شبکه ایرانیان خوش امدید - با هم و برای هم برای فردای بهتر- پاینده ایران و ایرانی‌

پاینده کشور پادشاهی مشروطه ایران
در این خاک زر خیز ایران زمین, نبودند جز مردمی پاک دین, همه دینشان مردی و داد بود, وزآن کشور آزاد و آباد بود
سال ۱۳۹۷ شمسی برابر با ۱۴۰۹۷ اهورایی برابر با ۷۰۴۰ میترایی برابر با ۳۷۵۶ زرتشتی برابر با ۲۵۷۷ هخامنشی بر شما خجسته باد
مقاله برگزیده این هفته

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Published by Admin in Human Rights


Reyhaneh Jabbari is an Iranian young lady; only 26 years old. She lives in Iran. Sometime six years ago i.e. when she was only 19 years old, she went to a coffee shop, sat and starting talking on the phone in relation to her job. As an interior decorator, she was discussing her job with someone on the phone and must have been overheard by some people around her talk about her job during that phone conversation.In the end of her phone conversation, two men approached her in relation to decoration and asked if she could decorate their office. One of the men introduced himself as Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi. She agreed to their proposal for the decoration and they took her phone number. A few days later, Sarbandi's friend believed to be the second man who approached her with Sarbandi at the coffee shop called her on the phone with regard to the decoration and they agreed on the place and the time to pick her up by their car. The time came and they picked her up as agreed. Ahead of the place where the decoration was to be done, they stopped along the way, went to a pharmaceutical shop and came back to the car with a plastic bag. I had no idea what they had bought.On getting to the building where it was believed that the decoration was going to be done, we went up to the fourth floor, they opened the door and the whole apartment was so dusty as though no one had lived there for a long time. The contractor, Reyhaner, immediately got cold feet given the condition of the apartment and in fear left the door unclosed, but Sarbandi ordered her to close the door and that she should take off her scarf. She refused and he approached her romantically, but she resisted that and moved away from his location. Sarbandi then got angry and came menacingly towards her and said that she could not disobey his wish. Fight then ensued and Reyhaner managed to lay hands on a knife and stabbed him. He was still coming after her, but she could free herself from him and just about to escape through the door, the second man identified as Sheikhi rushed into the apartment and suddenly engaged in a fight with Sarbandi. The fight between the two men was to pave the way for Reyhaner's escape. She managed to get home later that night.Reyhaner Arrest: The police was able to trace her home that very night and had her arrested at about 2:00 o'clock.Her Trial: She was later taken to court and charged with murder. At her trial, her lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei ( Founder UTO) raised the question of self-defence in the incident. They also led evidence to support the fact that she faced imminent threat of rape. In their evidence, it was shown that their stopover at the pharmacy and the plastic bag they brought from there contained condom and by expert evidence, drink intended for Reyhaner had sedative.

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