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به شبکه ایرانیان خوش امدید - با هم و برای هم برای فردای بهتر- پاینده ایران و ایرانی‌

پاینده کشور پادشاهی مشروطه ایران
در این خاک زر خیز ایران زمین, نبودند جز مردمی پاک دین, همه دینشان مردی و داد بود, وزآن کشور آزاد و آباد بود
سال ۱۳۹۷ شمسی برابر با ۱۴۰۹۷ اهورایی برابر با ۷۰۴۰ میترایی برابر با ۳۷۵۶ زرتشتی برابر با ۲۵۷۷ هخامنشی بر شما خجسته باد
مقاله برگزیده این هفته

انیمیشن شاد درباره نوروز و هفت سین

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Nowruz is the Persian New Year and literally means New Day. "ONE THOUSAND AND ONE WORLD PRODUCTIONS"Nowruz: A New Day for HumanityNowruz, literally meaning "a new day," has through the ages lived up to its name in wondrous ways. For much of the world, it has provided the supreme occasion for renewal and rejuvenation, for new resolves and new beginnings. The power behind its inexhaustible appeal to the human mind resides in a simple truth: humans need a ritual that transcends distinct and distinguishable groups, peoples and nations to celebrate our common humanity. Nowruz does so by inviting us to contemplate nature as it puts on its most magnificent dress at springtime and to synchronize personal and communal relations with the spirit of nature. By pointing to nature's ability to renew itself each and every year, Nowruz has evolved through the millennia the manifestation of more pressing and more intense human yearnings. Read more Reference:

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